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372 N Winooski Ave
Burlington, VT, 05401


Sam's Wood Furniture specializes in custom finished and custom crafted real wood home furnishings. Many of our furniture is built by Amish master craftsmen, and proudly made in the USA. Sam's offers nationwide in-home delivery and we work with our customers to get them exactly what they want in their style and color!


Learn from our experts! Check out Sam's FAQ page to learn more about real wood furniture, how to care for your furniture, and what to look for when buying real wood furniture.

What is meant by Solid Wood? Solid wood means that all exposed parts of the furniture are made of solid board, either softwood or hardwood lumber. No veneers are used. Solid woods can be repaired, sanded, or refinished. The majority of ready to finish furniture is made of solid wood.

How do Hard woods and Soft woods differ? They look different. Some are smooth, some have bold grain and some have knots or bird eyes. They finish differently. The density of the various woods change the depth and tone of the color. The region where the furniture is made, the style, and the historical period of the price determine the wood used.

Is veneer less desirable than solid wood? Veneer has a different look than solid wood, but is not necessarily better or worse in quality. Veneer is a thin layer of wood applied in sheets over underlying layers of plywood. Originally developed to be an art form, veneer can be cut as thin as a dime and in intricate patterns. Uniform graining can be achieved, unlike the more random graining of solid wood.

When is plywood a good idea? When strength and stability are needed. Plywood is made of thin layers of sold wood glued over each other with grains running at 90-degree angles to produce a strong core. It is used to provide maximum stability on the sides of desks, entertainment centers and other units where solid woods would crack and warp. A veneer is often glued on top and sides for an even and attractive appearance.

Does price reflect quality? Yes. Just as with other commodities, the price of a piece of furniture increases when its quality improves. Higher prices reflect refinements in grades of wood and better construction features. The benefits to you: Less sanding and prepping work to finish.

Is furniture finishing hard to do? Using our step-by-step instructions, finishing is fun and easy. Match your existing décor or start fresh. With today’s finishing products, the possibilities are almost endless. Create your own style; express your individuality.

What supplies are needed, other than the stains? For most finishing projects, you will need a drop cloth, clean rags, paint brushes (bristle and foam), sandpaper or 3M sanding pads, q-tips and paper towels. If using oil-based finishes, have mineral spirits handy for cleanup.

Does the furniture require any assembly? Most items are fully assembled. There are some exceptions: Table legs and pedestals require attachment using the bolts provided; stools need to have the top swivel seat attached using the bolts provided; desks need to have the components attached to each other using the screws provided; since each bed frame has slightly different holes to attach the headboard, you do need to drill the holes and attach the headboard using the bolts provided. In all cases assembly is straightforward and simple.

A Word About…

Appreciating Real Wood
All furniture sold at Sam’s Wood Furniture is constructed with real wood! No particle board here! Natural woods have their own unique characteristics. Woods of the same species may vary in color, grain patterns, and texture. These variations are part of what makes owning real wood so enjoyable: each piece is beautiful and one of a kind. Real wood reacts to its environment, such as humidity, changes in temperature, and lighting (natural or artificial). You can reduce the likelihood of these environmental reactions by properly sealing and protecting your wood furniture. Sam’s cannot be held responsible for furniture that warps, cracks, or fades in your home.